Using the HEAR

Staff can engage with the HEAR by using it to:

1. Give students recognition for their extra-curricular engagement (for UG students who commenced study prior to September 2021 only)

University-wide protocols also exist for the following activities, which any member of staff can use - email if you would like support in doing this.

Extra-curricular research Teaching and learning resource development 
Outreach work with schools Student UCAS Interviewers

2. Inform student references

Staff can access a view of students' HEAR content via a link at the top of CIES student profiles. The HEAR provides a more holistic set of information about students' university careers than the CIES profile, which is likely to serve as a useful resource when writing student references.

3. Support students in reviewing their progress and planning for their personal development

The HEAR may be a useful reference for both students and staff (e.g. personal tutors and Careers employability advisers), to support progress review and personal and professional development planning - particularly with respect to academic achievements. Students and staff should use this in tandem with mySkills.