UCU anti-stress and bullying week

UCU are running a campaign to highlight stress and bullying in the workplace for the week 19–23 November 2012. This is a helpful prompt for the University to reiterate the support which is available for all staff should they feel they identify with the issues in the campaign.

Members of the University Harassment Network with colleagues who feel that they are being harassed; to provide them with information and support about what harassment is and what you can do about it. Please see further information and contact details of the harassment network

We have developed a network of ACAS trained mediators to support staff and managers to work together to resolve disputes at a local level. For more information please see Mediation at the University of Sheffield.

The Juice campaign highlights the importance of wellbeing and encourages staff to prioritise their own health. More information about Juice is available on the Juice website.

helpU is a confidential means for all staff and their immediate families to access practical help, information, advice, support and counselling to address and resolve problems and issues they may be facing at home or at work. Further information is available on the helpU webpage.

We are also working with members of the harassment network, UCU representatives and hope to engage other trades unions representative to explore ways in which we can work together to improve the information and support which is available to staff. We will also be working with departments to consider the results of the Staff Survey and provide support to make improvements where colleagues have highlighted areas of concern.