Additional support for students

In early 2018 members of the Universities College Union (UCU) went on strike over proposed changes to the national pension scheme for academic and senior professional staff (USS). A consequence for those on strike is that they do not receive pay for the days they do not work.

Through discussions with our local UCU branch and Students’ Union officers the University made a commitment that the money which was not paid to those striking would be allocated to projects to benefit students across the University.

Departments were invited to bid for an allocation from this central fund to provide support or activities to benefit students.

The document available on the right-hand side of this page outlines the allocation of funds across the University, following successful bids from departments.

The range of uses is broad and spans the University, and includes:

  • Greater access to mental wellbeing support, including advisers based locally in faculties;
  • Enhancing the resources, study experience and environment within the University libraries;
  • Supporting students with dissertation research costs;
  • Providing support for fieldwork costs;
  • Lectures, workshops and seminars to enhance and complement the curriculum.

Any additional activities will be updated via this page.