The Power of Difference: Excellence through diversity

We believe that diversity in all its forms delivers greater impact in our research and teaching and enhances the experience of our students. All of our staff and students pursue the extraordinary, supporting the University’s vision of excellence, impact and distinctiveness.

The Power of People, University Strategic Plan, 2016-2021

We are proud of our diverse and inclusive community. We know that when people come together with different views, approaches and insights it can lead to richer, more creative and innovative teaching and research and the highest level of student experience.

Our challenge now is to build on what we have achieved and to go further. By fostering greater diversity, we will all be able to benefit from a university that is equal, inclusive and open, where a diverse community of individuals attain the highest levels of quality in their work as part of a top performing organisation.

In our pursuit of the extraordinary, encouraging greater diversity will enrich our teaching and learning and open us up to broader understanding and more creative problem solving. Diversity of thought, experience and approach enhances our intellectual capacity. Diversity of skills and community fosters greater innovation. Diversity of leadership brings us agility and resilience.

Our University has a long-standing commitment to the principles and benefits of diversity. We recognise its importance in achieving the highest standards throughout our organisation.

Our vision is to build a University community that actively attracts, engages and develops talented individuals from many different backgrounds. This will involve designing out bias in our talent attraction, selection, development, progression and other management practices and ensuring that we create a truly inclusive environment.

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