The Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee supports, and reports to, University Council in executing the University’s Strategic Plan by ensuring that Council meets its equality and diversity obligations under the CUC Higher Code of Governance and that its associated objectives and actions plans are properly implemented and effective.

ED&I Governance Map

The governance map above shows the formal links within the University but more collaboration between the different groups may occur when specific issues are being progressed.

University Equality Objectives 2020/21

Members of the ED&IC have been involved with developing University Equality Objectives that are grouped into three strategic themes:

  1. Removing the barriers faced by of Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and staff, both home and overseas
  2. Addressing the challenges experienced by disabled students and staff; particularly those experiencing mental health difficulties
  3. Embedding diversity into workforce planning to create high performing teams

The ​ED&IC also has a continued focus on Athena SWAN and LGBT+ equality. The responsibility for reviewing and monitoring progress against these work streams remains with the ED&IC. The Gender Equality Committee is a formal sub-group of the ED&IC, and has responsibility for the University’s Athena Swan submission and action plan.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee (ED&IC)

The ED&IC champions its mission by developing strategy, monitoring equality and diversity matters in the University, evaluating action and progress made in key areas of business activity across the organisation, and providing support and guidance for the University's equality and diversity strategy, policies and action plans.

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Gender Equality Committee (GEC)

The GEC reports into the ED&IC, and aims to oversee the implementation and further development of the University’s Athena SWAN action plan and the application of good practice to all departments; to support the achievement of the University’s KPIs and equality objectives, by raising awareness of gender equality and acting as a body of expertise on gender issues; and to advise the ED&IC, Human Resources and senior management on measures addressing gender equality at TUoS.

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Faculty Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committees

Each of the 5 Academic Faculties have their own ED&I Committee. Committee Chairs sit on the University's ED&IC, and act as a conduit between University ED&I priorities and faculty ED&I activities.

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Staff Networks

Staff networks are run by staff for staff and bring together people from all faculties, departments and services that identify with the group. Staff networks fulfil various aims including providing opportunities for social interaction, peer support and personal development. Staff networks can also contribute to the development of University policies and practices.

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Council CUC Code & KPIs

Useful information to provide an introduction to the University for members of Council and lay members of Council committees.

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Gender Pay Gap

We have monitored our gender pay gap since 2003 and have been successfully taking actions to reduce it. Actions are developed by a working group of HR, ED&IC and Trade Union colleagues, and integrated into the University's Athena SWAN action plan.

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