Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee (ED&IC)

As a University, we understand the importance of creating a vision where diversity and inclusion are valued by all. There is no doubt that we can only achieve real long-term success by including people – staff, students, suppliers and business partners - from all backgrounds and all sectors of society, and ensuring they are part of our University community, valued for their contribution and able to flourish and succeed.

The role of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to ensure that our value of Excellence through Inclusion is embedded throughout the University´s activities. ​Chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost, Professor Gill Valentine, the ED&IC champions its mission by developing strategy, monitoring equality and diversity matters in the University, evaluating action and progress made in key areas of business activity across the organisation, and providing support and guidance for the University's equality and diversity strategy, policies and action plans.

Members of the ED&IC have been involved with developing University Equality Objectives that are grouped into three strategic themes:

  1. Improving the representation, progression and success of Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and staff, both home and overseas
  2. Addressing the challenges experienced by disabled students and staff; particularly those experiencing mental health difficulties
  3. Embedding diversity into workforce planning to create high performing teams

The ​ED&IC also has a continued focus on Athena SWAN and LGBT+ equality. The responsibility for reviewing and monitoring progress against these work streams remains with the ED&IC. The Gender Equality Committee is a formal sub-group of the ED&IC, and has responsibility for the University’s Athena Swan submission and action plan.

Reports to: Council

Meetings: The ED&IC generally meets in October, February and June of each year

2019/20 meeting dates are as follows:

Dates of Equality & Diversity Committee Meeting
Monday 28 October 2019, Council Room (Firth Court)
Wednesday 26 February 2020, Council Room (Firth Court)
Wednesday 24 June 2020, Council Room (Firth Court)

Also see the Gender Equality Committee (Sub-Group of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee)

If you would like further information on the ED&IC please contact the HR team at hrequality@sheffield.ac.uk.