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Staff networks are run by staff for staff and bring together people from all faculties, departments and services that identify with the group.

The networks fulfil various aims including providing opportunities for social interaction, peer support and personal development. Staff networks can also contribute to the development of University policies and working practices.

The University of Sheffield recognises the value of self organised groups in creating an environment that respects the diversity of staff and enables them to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in the life of the University.

We aim to support these networks by:

  • Helping to establish the networks
  • Promoting the networks to new and existing employees
  • Listening constructively to any employee concerns raised through the staff networks
  • Taking part in initiatives developed by staff networks

BAME Staff Network logo

The BAME network is open to those within the University who self-identify as Black, Asian, and Other Minority Ethnic staff members. We currently have a particular focus on working with the University to raise awareness and develop training about white privilege and anti-racism. Amongst other goals, we help to ensure that the University meets the needs of BAME staff members by representing their views and advocating for their needs, for example through upholding the University’s Race Equality Action Plan and contributing to the University’s goal of achieving the Race Equality Charter. Issues are discussed at social and more formal events, including the invitation of high profile speakers, such as the recent successful event with Angela Saini.

You may sign up to the BAME Network here and for further information please email

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Disability Staff Network logo

The Disability Staff Network is run by and for staff with a disability and is open to all staff including PGRs who identify as disabled and wish to support each other, as well as sharing an interest in progressing disability equality and inclusion.

We aim to connect and bring together staff with disabilities in a safe, confidential and informal environment to share knowledge and experiences, as well as provide a collective voice to inform and input into the University’s disability inclusion work at a strategic through working with the Disability Strategy Steering Group. We will work to raise the profile of disability inclusion, help address barriers and challenges and bring about positive change.

You can join the network here or for general enquiries, please email

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LGBT+ Staff Network Logo

The LGBT+ network is here to support, build a community and act as a voice for all staff in the university who identify as a member of the LGBT+ community. This welcoming network offers a range of activities and participates in many of the University and local LGBT+ related events. We send a newsletter at the end of each month detailing the upcoming month’s activities and advertising other relevant content to network members.

You can sign up to the network here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on this email address

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Parents@TUoS logo

The Parents Network has been running since 2012 and is a member-led initiative run by parents for parents. It is open to all academic, research, teaching and professional services staff and students across the university. Our network aims to share information relevant to parents, support all staff and students through career breaks and share best practice and "how to" tips. Sign up to the mailing list here

When we’re able to, we meet at quarterly coffee mornings where we discuss a variety of issues chosen by the membership. To date these have included preparing for, going on and returning from parental leave, work-life balance, managing screen time, raising children in bi-lingual homes and changing work patterns.

During Covid times we have worked with colleagues in HR to draw up a list of homeschooling resources and have been using our online community to share tips and ideas.

We also run an informal mentoring/buddy scheme, parent-to-parent (P2P), to help support parents going on, or returning from, parental leave. For more details on this mentoring scheme, please visit our website:

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Women@TUoS logo  

November 2020: The network is being relaunched - further information to follow from the new Chair. The Women’s Network supports and represents staff who self-identify as women. It includes two sub-groups: the Women Professors’ Network and the Early Career Researchers’ Network. A programme of online events and networking will be announced soon.

The Women’s Network has a call out for Committee Members. The roles available are:

  • Deputy Chair
  • Training and Development Officer
  • Media and Communications Officer
  • Membership Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Student Liaison Officer
  • Secretary

If you are interested in joining the Committee, or just in finding out more about the Network, please get in touch at

You can join the Women’s Network here.

If you want to find out more information about the Early Career Researchers’ Network, please get in touch at You can directly join this branch of the Women’s Network here.

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For further information or to discuss setting up an alternative Equality Network, please contact the HR team at