Holocaust Memorial Day 2014

As told by Tom Reaney, LGBT+ Staff Network Secretary.

This week (beginning 27th January) has seen people across the world mark Holocaust Memorial Day. It's an opportunity for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Sheffield marked this day with a series of events, screenings and a public vigil on Monday 27th January.

Organised by Sheffield City Council, short films were screened on rotation in the Millennium Galleries throughout the afternoon and prior to the vigil.

Speakers included the University’s own Debora Green, Council representatives, the Lord Mayor’s Chaplain and poetry and performances came courtesy of a Y11 Silverdale School student, the Sheena Amos Youth Trust group Side by Side and Sheffield’s LGBT+ choir Out Aloud.

The theme of this year’s event centred around journeys, and a lot of the films, poetry and reflections echoed this theme.

Retired schoolteacher Sue Pearson’s recollections of being a child when she was brought over to Sheffield from Czechoslovakia during the atrocities taking place drove the message home, as she thanked Sheffield for being the ‘City of Sanctuary’ and spoke about being the sole survivor of her family.

The event was much larger in scale than last year, and attracted further media coverage, such as in the Sheffield Telegraph.