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Open@TUoS Launch Event

Allies supporting LGBT equality

Our LGBT allies programme for staff, Open@TUos, was launched in January 2016 at a lunchtime event. It provided an invaluable opportunity to hear why having visible allies is important to individuals and to our University. Dr Matt Mears, Chair of the LGBT Staff network, opened the event by giving the background to how Open@TUoS was created.

Our guest speakers Gemma Halliwell (Student LGBT Chair), James Gregory and Rachel Collier-Wilson, both members of the LGBT Staff Network, shared their experiences about being open and of feeling supported in the workplace and at the University. We also heard from Josh Willacy from Stonewall, the largest LGBT rights organisation in Europe, on the impact allies have in other organisations.

Group of Speakers

Find out how you can become an LGBT supporter with Open@TUoS, our new LGBT allies programme just follow this link. You will be added to the mailing list and will receive updates and information about events.

Rainbow Lanyards

…the idea revolved around making staff and students feel comfortable and open to be themselves…”

Dr Matt Mears (LGBT Chair)

Matt Mears 1

I’m proud of who I am, I try and be a good role model…”,

Rachel Collier-Wilson

“ ..if just one member of staff feels more supported in the workplace, or one student feels more comfortable to come forward and talk openly..its worthwhile”

Gemma Halliwell (Student LGBT Chair)

Gemma Halliwell

“If being a visible ally helps just one person feel that little bit more comfortable around campus, then I think I’ve done a great job”

James Gregory

Group of Speakers

Our final speaker, Professor Gill Valentine (LGBT Senior Champion and Chair of the EDB), shared her thoughts and experiences on being open and what it meant to have supporters within the workplace. She encouraged the audience to become supporters by signing up to the Open@TUoS mailing list and by wearing the rainbow lanyard, which visibly demonstrates the University’s commitment to LGBT inclusion.

"Creating an open and inclusive environment here at the University is everyone's responsibility..."

Professor Gill Valentine (LGBT Senior Champion), 27 January 2016

Read the story of our Open@TUoS launch event just open this link