Academic Services, Consultancy, Commercialisation and Services Rendered

The University of Sheffield is an outstanding place of education and a world leader in research and innovation and encourages the engagement and participation of individuals and departments with consultancy, commercialisation, academic services and services rendered that will have a positive demonstrable impact beyond academia.


All Employees

Key Principles:

1. The University recognises the positive and meaningful impact of involvement and engagement in external activities which should aim to meet the following objectives:

  • Enrich teaching and research and generate new research ideas
  • Increase good citizenship through civic engagement
  • Provide a positive demonstrable impact beyond academia
  • Help to sustain departments through income generation
  • Build relationships and forge links with external organisations
  • Raise profiles individually and collectively
  • Support career and professional development

2. All activities will require approval by the Head of Department who will ensure participation supports the interests of the Department, Faculty and wider University, including funding by external bodies.

3. It shall be the responsibility of the Head of Department to protect the interests of both the University and its staff and to regulate activities to ensure that practices remain conducive to the University’s objectives and adhere to appropriate professional standards.


All staff members require approval from their Head of Department before engaging in these activities.

Provisions for Academic Services, Consultancy, Commercialisation and Services Rendered

Academic Services



Services Rendered

The provision of services that provide a service to the wider academic community. For example sitting on an external academic steering group or the  examination of theses. The provision of expert advice, analysis and interpretation involving a high degree of intellectual input by academic staff to external clients in order to address specific problems. The commercialisation of academic ideas and intellectual property created during the course of research activities into licensing opportunities and through the creation of spin out companies. The provision of services to, or access to University facilities by, an external organisation.


All academic staff are eligible to participate in Academic Services. All academic staff are eligible to conduct consultancy. With appropriate authorisation other staff may be eligible to lead on consultancy. All individuals carrying out research can in principle be involved in commercialisation activity. All staff can be involved in Services Rendered activity.

We Expect

As representatives of the University we expect the same high standards of professionalism and commitment as shown in all other aspects of your role. All staff should be mindful of their obligation to declare any potential conflict of interest of which they may be aware, to their Head of Department.

We Provide

The University provides a creative environment for staff members where academic ideas and intellectual property can be explored and if appropriate exploited for mutual benefit. Where the arrangement and payment for these activities is made through the University, we provide participating staff members with:

  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Assistance in creating contracts
  • Use of the University's name


Payment for Academic Services should be discussed on a case by case basis with the relevant head of department.

Where the staff member's terms and conditions of employment allow, payment may be taken, in addition to salary, by the member of staff or by the department.

It is the normal expectation that academic members of staff should not exceed 35 days of consultancy activity per annum.

The University Executive Board have agreed a revenue share, details of this can be found here. Payment will be taken into the relevant department.

Additional Information

Contact Research and Innovation Services for further information. Further Information is provided by Research and Innovation Services here. Further Information is provided by Research and Innovation Services here. Further Information is provided by Research and Innovation Services here.

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