Roles and Responsibilities

The Named Person

The Named Person (NP) plays a key role in the investigation of allegations of Research Misconduct. The NP is nominated by the University and is one of the five Faculty Directors of Research & Innovation [FDRIs].

The NP is required to:

  • Receive allegations of Research Misconduct.
  • Initiate and supervise the procedure in consultation with a relevant Faculty HR Manager (including undertaking the initial investigation).
  • Maintain records and report on the investigation with internal contacts and external organisations as appropriate; and,
  • Take decisions at key stages of the procedure.
  • Consider the panel’s conclusions/recommendations and decide what action should be taken.

You can fine more information on the NP role and responsibilities throughout the Research Misconduct procedure here.

Chair of the Panel

Where it is determined that a formal investigation is warranted, the NP will notify appropriate persons/bodies (including the respondent and complainant, any relevant research council etc.), appoint a Chair of the Panel and an investigation panel.

The Chair of the Panel will normally be a Head of Department and should possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and expertise to form a reasoned judgement on the matters raised in the complaint.

The Chair of the Panel is required to meet with the NP to discuss the outcome of the formal investigation where appropriate and advise of the proposed course of action.

Panel Members

The panel, serviced by Human Resources, should consist of a Chair (normally a Head of Department) and 2 other senior members of University staff. In some cases if judged appropriate by the Chair (in liaison with the NP), an external panel member may be appropriate (in place of one of the senior members of staff).

The Panel members will agree the terms of reference for the investigation, with the NP, (to be communicated to the respondent/complainant), and although not working to a defined timetable, set a date for the anticipated completion of the investigation, indicatively, within 8-10 weeks of the panel being established. Though this date can be exceeded where the Chair deems it necessary to ensure a full and fair investigation and consideration is undertaken

At the conclusion of the Formal Investigation, the Panel will conclude whether the allegation of misconduct in research is upheld in full, upheld in part, or not upheld.

It is the panel's responsibilities to prepare a confidential report of its conclusions and recommendations and send it to the NP.