Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Review and Development Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

Review and Development Scheme Process

What is the SRDS process for GTAs?

The Review and Development Scheme has been developed in accordance with the underlying key principles of SRDS, however the process accommodates the differences that arise from the flexibility of their working arrangements, and their potentially limited level of engagement. Refer to flow chart above.

Does the review and development scheme follow the SRDS timeframe?

No, the timing of meetings may be determined locally within a timescale that is appropriate and relevant to the working arrangements and pattern of the individual GTA eg the meeting may be more effective if it takes place at a time the GTA is actively engaged.

How should the review of the previous year be carried out?

The review should be a meaningful discussion about highs and lows and progress against objectives, and to provide effective feedback. It is also an opportunity to discuss career aspirations. However GTAs may have worked much more minimally and infrequently than other staff, and may have covered a narrower range of duties. This may be reflected in the length and content of the review meeting.

Does a GTA’s training or development needs link to their Doctoral Development Plan (DDP)?

The GTA has a dual relationship with the University; primarily as a postgraduate student, and secondary as an employee. There may be some training provided or development gained under the DDP which will similarly benefit them in the role of GTA, however the Review and Development Scheme provides an opportunity to identify any specific development needs in the role of GTA.

How do I set objectives for GTAs?

Objectives should be initially set during the meeting that takes place to explain the role the GTA is required to carry out and the expectations/standards required. These objectives should be revisited during the review meeting that takes place within the next 12 months, updating if required. If at that time it is not known whether or when the GTA will next be working, then it may be more appropriate to reconsider the objectives again when they are next required to work.

When is the personal development plan updated?

Development needs should be considered during the review meeting and the plan updated at that time if necessary. Training needs identified at other times can also be added onto the plan.