Sheffield Graduate Training Contract
Guidance for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

The University recognises the value of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and is appreciative of the flexible approach taken to their employment, to support their studies and assist departmental teaching. The following guidance is provided to GTAs to support their employment relationship with the University of Sheffield.

Before Employment

Eligibility to Work (ETW) Check

To comply with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 all GTAs, as with all workers/employees at the University, must provide documentation to confirm their eligibility to work. You will be asked to present this documentation at your interview, or prior to commencing work, if you have been directly engaged without an interview.

For further guidance on suitable forms of documentation to evidence your eligibility to work, please see:


It is essential for you to inform your manager immediately of any change, in your circumstances (i.e. changing courses or completing your studies) or visa status, which may affect your eligibility to work.

It is important to ensure that you do not carry out work if your visa has expired.

If you need further guidance, please contact your HR Team Contact as listed in the following link:

Completion of GTA Registration Form

The GTA Registration Form combines two pieces of documentation:

  • Registration form (to be completed and signed by the GTA and the department)
  • Terms and Conditions (to be read and retained by the GTA)

It is important to take time to ensure that you have read these documents and fully understand the terms and conditions of the SGTC. It is your responsibility to complete the relevant sections of the registration form (Sections 2-4), including the endorsement in Section 2 accepting the terms and conditions of employment. As part of your registration, your manager will need to complete Section 1 of the registration form.

To complete the registration form, it is essential that the documentation relating to your ETW check, completed by your manager, is attached to the SGTC Registration Form, before returning to Human Resources. Your employment will not commence unless this completed documentation (including ETW) is received by Human Resources.

Once registered, if you are asked to undertake work as a GTA for another department, you will not be required to re-register.  It is important to advise the new department of your previous registration.

GTA’s Engaged and Administered through the myJobshop

Please see the guidance on the myJobshop pages for details about the registration process to be
followed before employment commences:

The terms and conditions of service remain the same for all GTA’s whether engaged through the
myJobshop process, or by a Faculty/Department directly using the registration form.

During Employment

Student Worker/Employee Protocol

In accordance with the University's 'Protocol for managing the dual relationship of University of Sheffield students who work at the University', the GTA’s hours of work are restricted to the smaller of, 180 hours per annum, or the number of hours stipulated by the relevant Funding Council. This figure is inclusive of teaching, preparation time and marking.

For further information, please see the University’s Student Worker/Employee Protocol:

Please Note: The foremost priority for you, as a GTA, is the successful completion of your post-graduate studies.


Students on a Visa:

Whilst the Student Worker/Employee Protocol recommends that students only work 180 hours per annum, under student visa regulations, students at degree level and above are restricted by law to a maximum of 20 hours work per week.

You must not exceed the working hours on your Tier 4 visa in all work combined. You should let each
manager know within the University if you are doing any other work, either within or outside of the
University in the same week, to guarantee that you do not exceed the maximum of 20 hours per
week. A week runs from Monday to Sunday.

Payment for Work and Annual Leave

Your claims for the payment of work and annual leave as a GTA are to be completed on a weekly basis, immediately after the week has ended and sent to your manager for authorization. 

Your department will process these claims on a monthly basis in line with normal payroll deadlines. The claim form will be returned to Payroll and Expenses Office, 5th Floor, Arts Tower, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN for processing.

When registered as a GTA, it is recognised that students may also undertake other work from time to time.  If you need to claim for the payment of work and annual leave for other work, unrelated to the GTA role, you should use the Certified claim for fees and associated expenses – staff claimants.  Please note that this claim form should show two separate amounts for payment and annual leave.  If you are uncertain about the completion of this form, please contact the Payroll and Expenses team.

For those students registered through myJobshop, an electronic timesheet will be
generated each week in the portal. Full guidance about the claims process can be found here,
including how to claim for additional work outside of the GTA role:


It is important to ensure that you do not carry out work if your visa has expired.

Performance & Training

GTA are covered by the University's Performance Management Policies and Procedures.

The University is committed to providing GTAs with skills and experience which will support their future employability in academia and beyond, as well as to assure the quality of teaching support which you deliver. Therefore, as part of the SGTC, the University makes a formal commitment to provide relevant professional development training, and you make a commitment to attending.

Departments will fund training activities which are essential for equipping you to undertake your role effectively.

For further information, please see Learning & Teaching Services (LeTS):

Changes to Personal Details/Address/Bank Account Details

During your employment, it is important to advise Human Resources immediately of changes to your Personal Details, Address or Bank Account Details by emailing your HR Team Contact as listed in the following link:

For those students registered through myJobshop please see the guidance here on how
to change your personal details:

Ending Employment

Completion of Studies/Changing Courses

As a GTA, you may only be engaged under the SGTC while you are a registered student on a postgraduate course of study at the University (including a PhD programme) and upon completion of your course, your employment as a GTA will be terminated.

In addition, if you change your course of study at the University at any time, the SGTC terms and conditions will also be terminated.


It is essential for you to inform your manager immediately of any change, in your circumstances (i.e. changing courses or completing your studies) or visa status, which may affect your eligibility to work.

Those students registered with myJobshop should notify the Student Jobshop team of any
such change in circumstances.

Notice Periods for GTAs

By the GTA: If you wish to terminate your employment with the University, you will be required to give one weeks notice, in writing to the Director of Human Resources, via your manager.

By the University: GTAs with up to two years continuous service are entitled to receive two weeks notice from the University and for each completed year of service thereafter, a further one week of notice up to a maximum of twelve weeks.

Once your resignation has been received and your departure date has been confirmed, your manager will notify Human Resources.