How the University supports Disability Leave

There are various sources of support for disabled staff provided by the University to help them manage their disability and maintain their fitness/health and wellbeing for work. Listed below are some sources of support which may be helpful.

The University will ensure that consideration and decisions, in relation to Disability Leave, are made in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

Equality Act 2010: Employment Statutory Code of Practice -

Disability leave and disability-related sickness will be recorded separately and will therefore be discounted in relation to decisions for redundancy selection criteria.
Managers may seek advice from Human Resources and/or Staff Wellbeing, to assist them in considering requests for Disability Leave.
Guidance for managers on understanding disability is available (please also see other sources of support below).

Staff may seek advice and support from Staff Wellbeing, as well as the University’s Disabled Staff Network and the University’s recognised trade unions.
The University recognises the positive impact of flexible working arrangements to: improve business efficiency and productivity; improve the balance between life and work; create a positive and inclusive environment and to create a happy and healthy workforce.
The University will ensure that any records in relation to an employee's personal information is confidential and collected and stored in accordance with the University's Information Security Policy. The handling of personal data is controlled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated legislation.
Where an informal resolution cannot be reached in relation to reasonable adjustments for disability, the University’s Grievance Procedure is available to staff.