Dignity at Work Network Contacts

The Dignity at Work Network is staffed by volunteers from across the University workforce who have received training in the Dignity at Work Policy and Procedures. They are available to provide information on a confidential basis to any member of University staff who feels they are being harassed/bullied/discriminated.

The Dignity at Work is available to any employee, regardless of their area of work or any protected characteristic (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation). It is intended that the network is a further avenue of support, in addition to other support/welfare groups which already exist.

Current Dignity at Work Contacts are:

Name Position Email Ext No
Dawn Chittenden Departmental Secretary, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology D.Chittenden@sheffield.ac.uk 24230
Sandra Henry School Manager, School of Languages and Cultures S.Henry@sheffield.ac.uk 28454
Andrea King Department Manager, Department of Cardiovascular Science A.R.King@sheffield.ac.uk  813305
Sarah Hale Programme Director, Department of Lifelong learning  S.hale@sheffield.ac.uk 27048
Getting Involved

The University of Sheffield is interested in receiving expressions of interest from any of its employees who would like to explore becoming a Network Contact. The role of a Network Contact is unpaid and voluntary but provides a unique opportunity to get involved in a University wide project alongside your existing substantive role.

An expression of interest is welcome from any member of University staff by completing the form above (See Links). The expression of interest form must be countersigned by your line manager, to ensure they can accommodate the small time commitment required to fulfil this role, should you take it up. Expressions of interest should be sent to your usual HR Faculty Manager.

The Dignity at Work Network is being reviewed and further updates will be shared in due course.


Students wanting to discuss an incident/s of alleged bullying or harassment should contact the Harassment and Bullying Support Network:

Tel: 0114 222 9621
Email: harassment@sheffield.ac.uk.

To find out more about the network and for information and harassment and bullying go to:
Tackling Harassment and Bullying at TUOS

Support is also available from the University Counselling Service (extension 24134, email: ucs@sheffield.ac.uk) and the Student Advice Centre, in the Union of Students (ext. 28660, email: sac@sheffield.ac.uk). Further information on the Harassment Policy and Procedures, can be found on the University’s web pages.