8. Reviews & Further Requests

Interim Reviews

Flexible working arrangements should be regularly reviewed, at least annually,  opportunities such as SRDS and one-to-one’s may be a helpful place in which to discuss and assess their continuing effectiveness and suitability.

It may be helpful, as part of the review, to assess the arrangements in terms of the following:

  • Benefits to the department and the University;
  • Impacts on the department and the University;
  • Impacts on the team and other colleagues.

Further requests for flexible working arrangements

Staff should be aware that following the submission of a request, they will not have a statutory right to make a further request for a period of 12 months.  This normally applies irrespective of the outcome of the earlier request.

In exceptional circumstances, discretion may be applied by the staff member’s manager, to consider a further request within a 12 month period.