Stress Management Policy

The University of Sheffield recognises the health and wellbeing of staff as a key priority. The University is committed to building a supportive and fully inclusive work environment where everyone can flourish and succeed.

We take a proactive, preventative approach to health and wellbeing through our Staff Wellbeing programme which provides managers and staff with access to a range of activities and interventions to help them improve and maintain wellbeing.

Staff may at times experience levels of stress. This policy supports staff and managers who find themselves affected by stress and provides appropriate advice, guidance and support should it become an issue at work.

By promoting physical and mental wellbeing and through the appropriate management of the impacts of excessive stress, the University aims to increase levels of staff engagement, reduce levels of sickness, staff turnover and accidents, and achieve greater organisational success through the efforts of better motivated and healthier staff.


All University of Sheffield staff.

Please note: Students can find further guidance on addressing concerns regarding stress management through the University Counselling Service.

Key Principles:

1. This policy is designed to promote the wellbeing of staff through proactive and supportive management of excessive work related stress.

2. The University is committed to addressing work related factors which might contribute to excessive stress or undue pressure at work.

3. The University encourages staff to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and to make healthy changes to their lifestyle.

4. The University promotes a culture where stressors are acknowledged, where stress is not regarded as a matter of individual weakness, and where staff can talk about feeling under excessive pressure without fear of recrimination.

5. The University expects all members of staff to treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect.

6. It is the responsibility of staff to inform the University of known disabilities, including mental health issues, in order for the University to support and for staff to be able to work with the University on appropriate solutions.

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