Employee Leaving Checklist

Thank you for your service to the University. To make your departure from the University as easy as possible we have put together some information you might find useful.

Annual Leave
P45 Forms
Computer Account
Exit Questionnaire


1. Submit your resignation to your Line Manager, confirming your intended last day of employment. This should take into account the required contractual notice period - as detailed in the resignation procedure.

2. Arrange to meet with your Line Manager for a discussion around your leaving arrangements, for example taking any outstanding annual leave. Your Line Manager needs this information to begin the leaving process with HR.

3. Please ensure that any pay and/or expenses claims are received by the Payroll & Expenses team before you leave the University. Alternative arrangements will need to be made for any outstanding claims made after you leave the University.

4. Check that the following details are up to date on myJob:
- Your new/forwarding address (your final payslip and P45 will be sent here)
- Any new bank account details
- If you are leaving the country and closing your account, you must inform Payroll & Expenses

If you do not have computer access, please provide this information to your HR Team contact to update.

5. Print copies of any online payslips you may wish to retain via myJob.

6. Complete an Exit Questionnaire (see below).

On your last day:
1. Ensure that any important documents, emails or calendar events are saved or transferred over to an appropriate colleague.
2. Ensure your uCard and any University equipment, are handed into your manager before you leave.

Annual Leave

Staff should ensure that any accrued annual leave is taken prior to leaving the University. However, under exceptional circumstances staff are entitled to ​payment in lieu of outstanding annual leave entitlement. Please make this clear when your Line Manager completes the online leavers form.

P45 Forms

Staff leaving the University will receive their P45 form by post to their home address with their final payslip. As it is not possible for Payroll to issue duplicate copies of P45 forms, staff should ensure that their address details are up to date on myJob. Any queries regarding the issue of P45 forms should be directed to Payroll & Expenses.

Computer Account

When a member of staff leaves the University:
• Access to myJob/myTeam ceases immediately
• Access to CIS Systems (e.g. Student Records, URMS) ceases the Monday after they leave
• uCard will be disabled immediately
• Computer account is closed 2 weeks after their leaving date.

Further guidance on what staff should consider before their account closes is available on the CICS website.

It is advisable, therefore, that staff print copies of any payslips they require for future reference using myJob before they leave the University. Also, it is important that staff save, or transfer over to an appropriate colleague any University documents, emails and calendar events in advance of them leaving.

Exit Questionnaire

In order to gain an understanding of the reason why staff leave the University and to help identify any improvements that could be made to employment practices within the University, staff leaving the University are requested to complete an Exit Questionnaire. For staff that do not have computer access, they should contact their HR Team contact to request a paper copy.

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