Planning For Retirement: Management Toolkit

This toolkit should be read in conjunction with the Retirement, Flexible Retirement and Late-Career Planning Procedure.

The University recognises the importance of early and effective planning for retirement by departments. The guidance below is provided to assist managers in making appropriate and timely departmental plans, and to support their staff as they prepare for retirement.

Conversations about planning for retirement

Guidance on workplace discussions

Workplace discussions are extremely valuable and it is useful to hold regular, open and honest discussions with all staff and is good management practice to hold them at least annually as part of SRDS.

Preventing Age Discrimination

It is important, even before specific discussions about the future, to avoid making assumptions based on a staff member’s age, as this may also present potential for direct or indirect age discrimination:

Managing Performance

It is essential to recognise that concerns in relation to the performance of any staff member, including staff who may be approaching or beyond pensionable age, is addressed using the University’s Policies and Procedures for managing performance:

Workforce and Succession Planning

Succession Planning

When discussing future plans with staff members, it may be appropriate to discuss succession planning options to help managers to consider the experience and skills that each staff member has and how these might best be deployed in the future.

Staff Review & Development Scheme (SRDS)

Workplace discussions are extremely valuable. Opportunities such as SRDS and one-to-one’s may be a helpful place in which to discuss, with all staff members, their aims and ambitions, as well as departmental plans and staffing needs.

Flexible Retirement

When discussing future plans with staff members, it may be appropriate to explore whether flexible working arrangements may help to support the member of staff through their transition into retirement.

Supporting staff during their transition into retirement

How to support staff during their transition into retirement

To best support staff during their transition into retirement, it is important recognise that each staff member will approach and cope differently with their transition into retirement.

Retirement Coffee Mornings

These informal events will provide staff with the opportunity to meet other University staff preparing for retirement, to share information and experiences to support retirement planning.

Sources of Support

There are various sources of support for staff to help them to plan effectively for their retirement and to ensure they have the support they need throughout their transition into retirement and beyond.

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