Honorary, Visiting & Academic Titles

Academic titles are conferred upon individuals who possess the qualifications, experience and standing appropriate to the academic title to be awarded by the University.

The University of Sheffield actively encourages academic departments to build strong relationships with individuals and organisations outside the University for the purposes of research, professional development and knowledge transfer.

Visiting Titles

Visiting titles are normally conferred on non University of Sheffield staff who may be seconded from another University/Industry or on individuals who make occasional visits to the University of Sheffield. The candidate must hold an equivalent level position. A Visiting title is normally conferred for a period of one year but may be for up to three years. 

Honorary Titles

Honorary Academic Titles are normally used by the University of Sheffield to confirm regular on-going collaborations between the University and individuals employed by other institutions or organisations. Such individuals will be making or will have made significant professional and/or academic contributions to the University.

Senior Titles

Guidance on the use of the following titles:

  • Professorial Titles
  • Chair Titles
  • Reader Titles

Professor Associate

The title of 'Professor Associate ' may exceptionally be conferred for a fixed term

on University salaried staff who are wholly funded from external sources.

Honorary Titles (City of Thessaloniki)

The partnership between the University of Sheffield and City College Thessaloniki dates back to 1992 and has developed into an academic collaboration of exemplary quality. City College is an International Faculty of the University

Emeritus Professor

The title of 'Emeritus Professor' may be conferred on fully retired University salaried Professorial staff or Honorary Professorial staff in recognition of distinguished service, and will be effective following the date of retirement.

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