Honorary Professor (Teaching)

The title Honorary Professor is equivalent in standing to Professor.

The title of Honorary Professor is analogous to that of a Chair holder. Promotion to a Personal Chair is one of the University´s highest academic distinctions and in order to support its mission in research-led Teaching, the University is committed to the delivery of the highest possible quality of Teaching to enhance the student learning experience and so ensure high student achievement, employability and satisfaction.

This Title may be conferred upon those who are able to demonstrate a national/international profile for innovation, publication and enterprise in Teaching supplemented by a record of research achievement or highly ranked scholarly publications.

The University would also seek evidence of a range of achievements as indicated by the following examples, as attested by external assessors:

  • Successful direction of major management responsibilities at University/sector level (e.g. direction and leadership of major area)
  • Significant development of Teaching policy at national level
  • Major national and international level responsibilities (e.g. Chairing major bodies)
  • Significant responsibility for, and achievement of innovation in specific subject area
  • Recognised expertise and dissemination of Teaching developments through publications, networks and conferences
  • Development at national level of Teaching standards and mechanisms for evaluating Teaching quality
  • Major income generation
  • Leadership of professional developments

Duties would reflect the above and would also include direct University teaching and provision of support, coaching, mentoring and review of other Teaching staff

Independent External Assessors

Assessors should be distinguished in their own field and be knowledgeable about the field of the individual. No less than 5 external independent assessors should be named, whom the University may approach for an assessment of the case. City College should also provide a brief statement of the academic background of each external assessor. The University will normally approach 3 assessors.

The assessors proposed should be directly involved in the area of scholarship of the individual concerned to an extent which will allow them to provide an authoritative statement as to the individual's academic standing and scholarly distinction.

As far as possible, assessors should not be former supervisors of, or regular collaborators with, the individual, nor should they be former colleagues who have recently moved from this University to appointments elsewhere.


Recommendation from City College, Thessaloniki, including a full CV and the names of persons whom the University may approach for an external independent assessment of the case using the Independent External Assessors Form (see Downloads). Assessors should be distinguished in their own field and be knowledgeable about the field of the candidate.

Each recommendation should be submitted on a completed Request for Award of Honorary Academic Title form, (see downloads) and sent to the Department of Human Resources at the University of Sheffield.

The title of Honorary Reader will be considered and approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the faculty by which the award is requested, after attestation by external assessors. External reports are normally received within one month of submitting the request to the referee.

The Department of Human Resources issue the letter of confirmation and terms and conditions of conferment (see Downloads). The conferment of the Title will only be valid when the letter has been issued. A copy of the letter of confirmation will be copied to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the faculty by which the award is requested and to City College Thessaloniki.