Recruitment Guidance

It is essential to ensure you have made appropriate decisions on the type of contract or agreement offered for the work you need to be undertaken in your department. Before beginning your recruitment, please refer to the determining the appropriate employment contract  guidance to support you in making these decisions.

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When a vacancy first arises, whether it is due to a colleague leaving, or is the creation a new role, it is important to evaluate the role in term of your business needs. Take this opportunity to review the proposed job in the context of the departmental structure and long term strategic plan. Consideration should be given to the purpose and content of the role as well as what format it should be delivered in, be this full/part time, fixed term/open ended. Investing time and effort into a thorough review at the beginning of the process will mean that the job description and person specification that you create will fully meet your business needs and increase the quality of the recruitment process.

The Sheffield Professional can also help to structure the selection and induction processes by providing a guide on the behaviours that we recruit and match to.

Eligibility to Work

All UK employers have a duty to prevent illegal migrants working in the UK. Therefore, it is our statutory duty to check that a prospective employee has the correct eligibility to work.

Checklist A
Candidates with the right to work in the UK

Checklist B
Candidates who have limited or no approval to work in the UK

ETW check sign off sheet
To be used when scanning ETW documents

Key Legislation & Policy

Further information concerning important recruitment legislation and University recruitment policy which should be taken into consideration when recruiting.

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Archive of recruitment and selection updates


In this is information for those planning an induction, to help make this activity as successful and engaging as possible.

Supporting a colleague fully as they enter a new role is a key element of the recruitment process.

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Recruitment roles

Recruitment is one of the most important tasks the University undertakes. Recruiting high-quality staff is essential to ensuring we remain a highly competitive and diverse university. There are two key recruitment roles - Recruitment and Selection Co-ordinators and the Chairs of Interview Panels.


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There is a wealth of information, guidance and support available from Human Resources relating to all aspects of employment and supporting policies and procedures. An index of information can be found at: Policies, Procedures & Related Guidance.

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