Ending Escalation Periods in e-Recruitment

A Requisition is created when a vacancy arises that needs to be filled by recruitment, in order to improve the efficiency of the approval process a Requisition will escalate if not approved within 5 days. This enhancement allows Recruiters to end escalation periods, rather than wait for them to automatically expire after 24 hours.

During an escalation period, a Recruiter can change the approval route nominating a new Approver if necessary. Alternatively if no change is required, a Recruiter can return the requisition to the Approver originally nominated.

If no action is taken, the requisition will automatically de-escalate to the original approver after 24 hours.

The instructions below act as a step by step guide to show you how to end an escalation period.

Step 1.

You will receive an email alert, notifying you when a requisition has escalated. When you receive this request, log into myJob/myTeam/e-Recruitment and access your messages tab. If attempting to access this from off campus please ensure you have VPN Connection set up.


Step 2.

To access the task you wish to action, click the blue square as indicated below, then select "Open Task". This will then open a new window, if nothing appears to load when you click "Open Task" ensure you have your pop-up blocker turned off. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the right hand side of this page.


Step 3.

Click the relevant button as shown below.

Decision Screen

Step 4.

If you selected the option to end the escalation period, when you close the screen above and return to your Messages tab the task will have disappeared (once the page has refreshed).

The next Approver on the Approval Route will receive an email alert asking them to approve the task and the Approval Request will show in their Messages tab

Recruiter Screen

Messages Tab

Approver Screen