e-Recruitment: Selection

Hiring Process: Selection Within e-Recruitment, the Selection phase activities focus on inviting candidates to interview, recording information from the selection process and notifying unsuccessful candidates.

Correspondence: e-Recruitment provides the facility to email candidates and includes editable templates to invite candidates to interview, inform them they have been unsuccessful either at shortlisting or following an interview as well as a free correspondence format. The system allows a Recruiter to highlight multiple candidates and process the correspondence in a single transaction. If hard copy correspondence is required the Recruiter is able to update the activity in e-Recruitment to allow tracking of candidates without automatically sending emails.

Attachments & Notes: There is the facility to attach additional electronic documents and type in notes throughout e-Recruitment. At each stage of the Hiring process the Recruiter is able to attach any relevant documents to individual candidates, e.g. results from interview exercises/assessment centre results; Interview Record Sheets; scanned copies of Eligibility To Work evidence. The Recruiter is also able to type in any notes e.g. a record of a telephone conversation with the candidate.

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