European Economic Area (EEA) Nationals

As there are fewer restrictions on the movement of EEA nationals between member states, individuals from within the EEA can be invited to the University as an Academic Visitor, provided they meet the criteria of the University’s internal procedure for the conferment of Visiting titles.

For information on the member states of the EEA please see the UKBAs webpage below:

It should be noted that it is the nationality of the individual that determines whether they require a visa to enter the UK, rather than the country in which they work, e.g. an individual working on an EU project in a EEA country but whose nationality is non-European would require a visa to enter the UK, and as such they would only qualify as an Academic Visitor if they met the UKBA criteria outlined below for non EEA nationals.

Further Information

For further guidance on inviting Academic Visitors to the University, please consult your customary HR team.