How to lead through change and uncertainty

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A digitally blended learning module


This digitally blended learning module is aimed at colleagues who manage or supervise others. This module will focus on the key skills, behaviours and attributes required to lead through change.

This module has two learning sections - Core Learning and Additional Learning - to provide a clear and accessible approach to your development. The module uses varied resources and materials to appeal to all learners, and is broken down by duration, so that you can engage with them flexibly and at a time that meets your needs.


By completing all of the Core Learning, in your role as a manager you will:

  • feel confident managing change as a process
  • feel able to recognise and respond to change as a constant presence and effectively manage/support themselves and others through it
  • be able to communicate effectively with teams and individuals
  • be able to build and sustain trust with individuals and teams to support change
  • be able to motivate and engage with individuals and teams effectively

Please watch the welcome video for this course to find out more.


This module consists of two learning sections for you to consider:

Core Learning is designed to introduce you to how to lead through change. We have provided dedicated and varied resources to encourage critical reflection and action planning. To ensure that it is flexible and accessible for you, we have broken this down by duration, as detailed below:

  • When you have 10 minutes - We provide an introduction and overview of key principles and concepts related to the module topic, typically as a video or guidance document.
  • When you have 30 minutes - We provide further learning and instruction to deepen understanding, as well as encourage reflection, typically through use of videos, audio files, articles, quizzes and worksheets or workbooks.
  • When you have 60 minutes or more - We provide opportunities for social learning, deeper reflection and encourage you to commit to action planning. Typically this can be done through attending live development sessions, connecting with peers, coaches or mentors to consider learning and completing development or action plans.

To get the most out of this module, we recommend that learners engage with all of the Core Learning.

Additional Learning is available to assist you to prepare for leading through change in a personalised way; we understand that all colleagues will have different situations, relationships, knowledge and experience. This space is designed to suit individual needs around specific module themes such as supporting resilience, communicating remotely, and many more curated materials. Again we aim to support different types of learning by varying our resources - there are often videos, e-learning courses and guidance booklets available to support your development in a way that suits you.

For this module there will be live development sessions available to complement the Core Learning, at various points in the year, bookable via LMS. Specialist colleagues from People Development will facilitate an interactive learning session for managers to explore how they can enhance and develop their skills in leading through change.

Please note that this blended digital learning is skills based. We do, however, recognise that you may have questions or concerns regarding specific processes or policies that could relate to your wellbeing conversation. To support these queries, we would recommend considering the PPBI Projects and Change Google Site or by contacting your local HR representative directly.

Next Steps:

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The live development sessions are also bookable through LMS, but can be accessed alongside via Blackboard.

Please contact should you have any queries or issues regarding this online training.

If you have 10 minutes now you may want to watch this video on how to lead through change and uncertainty. Please note there is no narration in this video.

Further Information:

"How to lead through change" is part of the ‘How to’ series, that has been designed to support colleagues’ professional development around key organisational areas and challenges. A new module will be released regularly as part of the ‘How to’ series. You can find out more by visiting our 'How to' introduction page here.

The People Development team are committed to supporting professional development for colleagues, ensuring that modules are relevant within the current context and beyond, and are accessible and flexible. Should you have any queries or feedback please contact us at