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Work Station Assessments Procedure

If you or a member of your team is experiencing issues with the display screen equipment (DSE) within their working environment, below is the procedure that can be followed to assist them:

Each Head of Department is responsible for ensuring that a DSE assessment is completed for each member of staff within their control. They are also responsible for ensuring the role of DSE Assessor is allocated to an individual(s) and that they are supported to carry out their duties.

  • All DSE users must first complete the online DSE assessment. The DSE online training course is an important part of staff workplace Health and Safety training, and it should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The completion of a DSE assessment is captured against an individual’s record on the Health & Safety training database.
  • If an issue or problem is identified upon completion of the DSE assessment, the member of staff will need to notify their line manager and/or departmental DSE assessor.
  • The departmental DSE assessor will then arrange to carry out a face to face workstation assessment. If following the workstation assessment issues/problems have been identified, the DSE assessor will be able to advise the member of staff and their Line Manager on changes and/or adaptions which could be made to the workstation.
  • If after these changes and/or adaptions have been made the member of staff is still experiencing issues/problems with their workstation, then they will need to discuss this with their line manager and a referral to Posturite will need to be made.
  • To refer a member of staff to Posturite the Line Manager will need to download the Posturite DSE Referral Form on the right hand side of the screen and email the completed form to

Covid-19: Please note, due to Covid-19 Posturite appointments will be conducted remotely either via google meet or over the phone. A pre-assesment will be completed with the chance for the individual to provide measurements and photos of their workstation. A report will be sent to the Line Manager, and any equipment delivered, in the usual way.

DSE Referral Process

About Posturite:

Posturite is the largest independent ergonomics company in the UK. They have a team of ergonomic experts who can come to your place of work to assess your workstations and guide you to solutions to meet DSE regulations and enable individuals to maintain a comfortable working posture. Our current Posturite ergonomic experts are Gareth Braisdell and Marcus Clark. They will also carry out DSE assessments for individuals with identified additional requirements (e.g. mobility, visual impairment etc.). They will work to identify any problems, recommend changes and – if necessary, recommend any ergonomic equipment. Recommendations will be presented in the form of a written report back to the line manager (via

The cost of an assessment will be covered centrally however any costs associated with new ergonomic/office equipment will be paid for by the member of staff's department. Equipment can be returned should the member of staff feel it isn't suitable, further information regarding returns can be found on Posturite's website here. For any desks or chairs purchased, Posturite will also offer to come and provide support with the set up of this equipment. In order to arrange this, the line manager should contact Posturite direct once the new equipment has been delivered with the order number details provided on the delivery box.

Please note that Posturite provide quotations for equipment based on the products listed in their catalogue. The University receives a 15% discount on all catalogue prices. Should you have any queries or questions regarding a quotation, please contact a member of the Engagement and Wellbeing team at