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Dr Katie Edwards

Katie Edwards - WUN project Ghana

An Intersectional Exploration of Religion and Gender-Based Violence: A Case Study of Accra in Global Context

In October 2018 Dr Katie Edwards from the University of Sheffield's School of English and Dr Johanna Stiebert from the University of Leeds travelled to Accra, Ghana. They went to participate in a collaborative project led by Rev. Dr. George Ossom-Batsa, of the Department for the Study of Religions, University of Ghana (UG).

The project also includes Shiloh’s third co-lead, Caroline Blyth, who will take the lead in compiling and editing a special issue on religion and gender-based violence (GBV) for the journal The Bible and Critical Theory (BCT).

To read more about their project including their trip to Ghana, visit their blog.

More Grant Success For The Shiloh Project: The AHRC has funded a major two year project, led by Katie Edwards, working with Co-investigators Caroline Blyth (University of Auckland), Johanna Stiebert (University of Leeds). "We are very grateful for the assistance provided by WUN and the significant role of our WUN funded project in helping to develop our successful grant applications." (Dr Katie Edwards)

Professor Sue Yeandle

Sustainable Care

Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems

How can we make 21st century systems of care sustainable? and how can citizens be empowered to have more control over how care resources are accessed and care costs distributed?

This research project's aim is to analyse and compare various developments surrounding sustainable care in a world of increasing population mobility and ageing and rising social inequalities.

Sue is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociological Studies and Director of CIRCLE, the Centre for International Research on Care Labour and Equalities, a Faculty of Social Sciences research centre at The University of Sheffield. She is the academic lead for this project, which also involves over 15 international universities.

For more information, visit the WUN Research Project page.

WUN success: In 2017, the network was awarded an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Large Grant funding valued at £2.5 million, to which UK and international partners are contributing additional resources, will examine experience in the UK’s four national systems of social care.

Dr Jill Thompson

WUN project - Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices: Exploring the health experiences of children who migrate

Children present a particularly vulnerable group of migrants. However, little is known about the impact of migration on their health experiences, despite it being recognised that mortality and morbidity of migrants is influenced by their country of origin, their destination and the process of migration itself.

The collaborators involved in this project are interested in exploring migrant children’s experiences of their physical health, mental well-being and health-care use. UNICEF have made clear that research is needed to better understand how migration affects children.

Dr Jill Thompson is a Lecturer at the School of Nursing & Midwifery at The University of Sheffield and the academic lead for this project.

A key outcome of this project was the WUN Child Migrant Health workshop held at The University of Sheffield 11-13 September 2017.

For more information, visit the WUN Research Project page.

Dr Kristine Horner

WUN project - Multilingualism

Multilingualism and Mobility in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

It is frequently claimed that linguistic and cultural diversity present challenges in contemporary societies. This diversity also presents opportunities, including ways that multilingualism can function as a bridge for intercultural encounters and intergenerational relations.

This project, lead by Dr Kristine Horner Reader in Luxembourg Studies and Multilingualism and Director of the Centre for Luxembourg Studies, aims to highlight some of the benefits of linguistic and cultural diversity, and thus have potential to productively shape education and migration policies.

Key outcomes of this project include a workshop on Multilingualism and Higher Education at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

For more information, visit the WUN Research Project page.

Professor Sarah Salway

WUN project - Promoting wellbeing

Promoting wellbeing across borders: migration, social remittances and health

Telecommunications technologies and affordable air travel allow migrants to communicate with family and other networks in their countries of origin. These connections allow the transmission of ideas and information - sometimes termed 'social remittances' - back-and-forth across countries.

While economic remittances receive attention in migrant-sending countries, the impact of social flows on health remains largely unexplored. This research group is addressing these important over-looked issues and aiming to generate new conceptual, methodological and substantive knowledge that inform policy and practice.

Professor Sarah Salway is a Professorial Research Fellow and Professor of Public Health at The University of Sheffield and she is the academic lead for this project.

For more information, visit the WUN Research Project page.

RMP Case Studies

Dr Michael Kindellan

A Digital Variorum of Ezra Pound's Cantos

Dr Michael Kindellan from the School of English specialises in 20th century American poetry and poetics. This year he visited the University of Sydney to meet and work with a fellow scholar with the possibility of a large-scale collaborative research project.

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Sally Jones

Mobilisation of Cohesive Particles Associated with Discolouration by Hydraulic Transients in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Sally Jones from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering visited the University of Alberta from May - June 2017. As well as taking part in various research and lab work she opened up conversations with various researchers which could strengthen our links with the university.

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Alejandro Albornoz

Algorithmic Poetry and Electroacoustic Music: possible connections and developments

Alejandro Albornoz, a PhD student from the Department of Music, visited the University of Bergen from May - June 2017. He worked with the Bergen Electronic Literature research group and discussion was had about a collaborative project.

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WUN Projects at Sheffield 2019
Name of Sheffield academic Department Title of Project WUN Partner Universities
Dr Clare Gardiner School of Nursing and Midwifery Family costs of palliative and end of life care: setting the global research agenda University of Auckland
Dr Jill Thompson and Dr Hannah Fairbrother School of Nursing and Midwifery African Child and Youth Health in the Context of Migration and Displacement University of Alberta
Dr Paul O'Neill Hispanic Studies Intercultural Communication in Interaction: multimodel approaches Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Dr Majella Kilkey Sociological Studies Migrants' Decision Making in the Context of Shifting Migration Regimes: Highly Skilled Healthcare Professionals University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University College Dublin, University of Alberta, University of Ghana
Dr Vassiliki Papatsiba School of Education Global Higher Education and Research committee member Global Higher Education and Research
Dr Robert Akparibo SCHARR Global Africa Group committee member Global Africa Group
Dr Mark Brown School of Law Cosmologies, Temporalities and Crime: Witchcraft in Contemporary Ghana University of Ghana
Dr David Littlewood Management School Social entrepreneurship in South Africa: Internationalisation, Institutional Work, and Partnerships for Sustainable Development University of Cape Town
Dr Daniel Eltringham School of English Translating Resistances: Poetry, Publishing and Power Tecnológico de Monterrey
Dr Gabriel Silvestre Urban Studies and Planning Alternative urban futures? New forms of planning knowledge in academia, activism and practice Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Dr Krzysztof Nawratek School of Architecture Religious imaginaries and the shaping of urban spaces Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Dr Paul O'Neill School of Languages and Cultures Linguistic Prejudice and Discrimination in Brazil

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Dr Renee Timmers Music

Towards a Bayesian model of cross-domain correspondences with sounds and music

University of Rochester

WUN Projects at Sheffield 2018
Name of Sheffield academic
Department WUN RMP Title of Project WUN Partner Universities
Dr Michael Kindellan School of English A Digital Variorum of Ezra Pound's Cantos University of Sydney
Professor Kate Morris Sociological Studies Children's Chance: Community University Partnerships (CUP) University of Alberta
Angelo Aquino Mechanical Engineering Integration of Aerodynamic Analysis Techniques in the Development of the Wind-Induced Flutter Energy Harvester Tecnológico de Monterrey
Dr Veronica Barnsley School of English Postcolonial Childhood Studies: Contemporary Ghanaian literatures and Southern Childhoods University of Ghana
Lindsay Miller School of Education Counter-Archive Collaborations: Fugitive Science and Quantification Practices within the Global Formation of the Psy-Disciplines University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Kwaku Owusu Sociological Studies Migration and Development: The Ghanaian Diaspora as Drivers of Welfare Development Back Home University of Ghana
Dr Praveen Thokala ScHARR Health Technology Assessment in China Renmin University of China
Dr Adam Stanovic Music Sounds Unfamiliar: composing music with location recordings University of Sydney
Professor Sue Yeandle Sociological Studies Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems Zhejiang University
Dr Katie Edwards SIIBS An Intersectional Exploration of Religion and Gender-Based Violence: A Case Study of Accra in Global Context University of Ghana
Professor Jonathan Joseph Politics Peace Actors: Exploring resilient peacebuilding cultures and policy transfer in West African states University of Bristol
Dr China Mills School of Education Communicating Good Health and Wellbeing: Promotion, Advocacy and Resilience University of Western Australia
WUN Projects at Sheffield 2017
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RMP Title of Project WUN Partner Universities
Alejandro Albornoz Music Algorithmic poetry and electroacoustic music: possible connections and developments
Blog: Research visit to the University of Bergen
University of Bergen
Dr Parveen Ali School of Nursing & Midwifery Coercive control, domestic violence and cultural contexts University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Dr Helen Ball ScHARR Collaborative research to estimate casual treatment effects for HIV patients using detailed South Africa data University of Cape Town
Dr Eva Hilberg School of Education Deepening connections in the field of critical mental health and identifying international case studies on the use of digital technology for behaviour change University of Cape Town
Sally Jones Civil and Structural Engineering Mobilisation of cohesive particles associated with discolouration by hydraulic transients in drinking water distribution systems University of Alberta
Professor Sarah Salway ScHARR Promoting wellbeing across borders: migration, social remittances and health University of Alberta, University of Bristol, University of Ghana, Maastricht University
Robin Sen Sociological Studies A comparative analysis of FGCs in the UK and New Zealand University of Auckland
Dr Jill Thompson School of Nursing & Midwifery Hidden Voices: Exploring the health experiences of children who migrate University of Alberta, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Ghana, University of Sydney, University of Cape Town, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Previous WUN Projects 2015/16
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RDF Title of Project WUN Partner Universities
Maria Van Martin Chemical and Biological Engineering Impacts of Future Climate and Land Use Changes on Public Health and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr Praveen Thokala ScHARR Provision of Health Service and Community Care for the Elderly: Intergenerational Roles and Equity Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professor Andrew Geddes Politics Migration, Development and Global Transformations University of Bristol
Professor Sue Yeandle Sociological Studies Sustainable Care: Connecting People and Systems Zhejiang University
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RMP Title of Project WUN Partner Universities
Dr Seán Williams Germanic Studies Barbers & Butlers: Theoretical perspectives on service providers and the public sphere from Media History University of Basel
Dr Erfan Shahabpoor Ardakani Civil and Structural Engineering Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) as the actuation mechanism for elderly fall prevention: a feasibility study University of Alberta
Dr Manny Hakhamaneshi Civil and Structural Engineering Energy saving through thermal foundations for buildings University of Alberta
Jonathan Wood Materials Science and Engineering In situ ferromagnetic resonance measurements of thin ferromagnetic films during voltage exposure University of Western Australia
Tareq Omairi Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Integration of molecular biology techniques into paleontological and astrobiological studies University of Alberta
Emmanuel Adu-Ampong Urban Studies and Planning A tale of two capes: tourism-led local economic development planning in Cape Town, South Africa and Cape Coast, Ghana University of Cape Town
Dr Mark Brown School of Law Transnational environmental crime, insurgency and terror financing: mapping the terrain University of Cape Town
Thomas Hastings Management School Investigating the effectiveness of labour inspection reforms on labour standards in South Africa University of Cape Town
Dr Sofie Pelsmakers School of Architecture Effect of uninsulated floors on occupant thermal comfort and compensating energy use University of Sydney
Dr Christine Winter School of Education Researching school curriculum quality & equity: international collaboration University of Western Australia
Bo Tang Economics Does the Yuan's overseas expansion increase currency exposure in the Chinese financial industry? Zhejiang University

Previous WUN Projects 2013/15
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RDF Title of Project (2014/15) WUN Partner Universities
Dr Kristine Horner Germanic Studies Multilingualism & mobility in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres University of Luxembourg
Dr Kristine Horner Germanic Studies Understanding globalisation: margins and peripheries University of Cape Town
Professor Michelle Holdsworth ScHARR Global Public Health and non-communicable disease with a link to the other challenge of Responding to Climate Change University of Bristol
Professor Michelle Holdsworth and Professor Kenny Loh ScHARR and Management School Health promoting responses to climate change University of Auckland
Dr Chengzhi Peng School of Architecture Transcultural Understanding of Designing with Climate Change: A Joint Design Research Studio Approach
Dr Nick Taylor-Buck Town and Regional Planning Climate change: Understanding Systemic Shocks in Integrated Infrastructures
Dr Ann Rowan Geography Himalayan Climate Change: Debris Covered Glacier Response, Water Availability, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Response University of Alberta
Professor Jean Grugel Geography Addressing Multiple Forms of Migrant Precarity - Beyond 'Management' of Migration to an Integrated Rights-Based Approach University of Sydney
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RDF Title of Project (2013/14) WUN Partner Universities
Professor Andrew Lin School of English The Worldwide Challenge of English
Professor Steve Banwart Civil Engineering Ancient Soils and Modern Land Use University of Western Australia
Professor Hilary Powers Oncology & Metabolism Dementia prevalence and impact in low income areas in South Africa University of Cape Town
Professor Michelle Holdsworth Public Health Bridging Health Promotion and sustainability science: transition to the green economy University of Bergen
Dr Barry Gibson and Professor Sarah Baker Dentistry Reducing inequality in oral health University of Western Australia
Professor Julie Gray Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Stomata: Sensors of Climate Change
Dr Jojo Nem Singh Geography Developing compatible energy and climate strategies University of Bergen
Professor Glenn Hook East Asian Studies Climate Change in the Media University of Western Australia
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RMP Title of Project (2014/15) WUN Partner Universities
Dr Vicky Williamson Music Memory ability and the musical mind University of Rochester, USA
Hoda Amel Mechanical Engineering The effect of feature size on the microstructure and properties of parts produced using selective laser melting University of Western Australia
Professor Steven Banwart and Dr Harry Langford Civil Engineering Inaugural WUN Summer School - Soil Science & Climate Change University of Western Australia
Dr Paul Shepley Civil Engineering Fluid/particle interaction in geotechnical engineering; experimental study University of Western Australia
Dr Yanjing Wu Psychology Language and cognition: The effect of using two dialects on executive functions Chinese University Hong Kong
Professor Dan Goodley School of Education Promoting critical disability studies and participatory research; International connections University of Sydney
Stephen Livingstone Geography Marine geophysical and Sejrup, Earth Science University of Bergen
Sharon Wan Town and Regional Planning Community Governance in China and Hong Kong in the Phase of Fast Social Transition Chinese University Hong Kong
Name of Sheffield academic Department WUN RMP Title of Project (2013/14) WUN Partner Universities
Stephanie Bramley Music Investigating the influence of self-selected music on gambling behaviour University of Sydney
Dr Chryso Hadjidemetriou School of English The role of English and Greek in the Greek community of Auckland, New Zealand University of Auckland
Dr Rob McKay and Dr John Miller School of English Responses to climate change in and beyond the humanities: Exploring biodiversity as cultural value University of Sydney
Dr Stephen Ebbens Chemical and Biological Engineering Realising the potential for Nanoswimming Devices Penn State University
Dr Tuck Seng Wong Chemical and Biological Engineering Directed evolution of biocatalysts in droplet-based microfluidics system Chinese University Hong Kong
Dr Andrew Narracott Infection and Immunity and Cardiovascular Science 3D fluid-structure interaction models of venous haemodynamics Maastricht University
Dr Ben Rutter Human Communication Sciences Establishing an international corpus of dsyarthric speech data University of Wisconsin
Dr Praveen Thokala ScHARR Collaborative research in ageing and dementia University of Auckland
Dr Lorenza Fontana Geography Land Governance and Social Movements in Bolivia and South Africa University of Cape Town
Dr Marta Herrero Management School Philanthropy and governance in non-profit arts organisations: A comparative study University of Alberta
Dr Paula Meth Town and Regional Planning Gender and changing cities University of Cape Town