Buying an Apple computer or iPad

Staff buying Apple products for work

The process for members of staff buying an Apple computer or iPad for University purposes is explained in Procurement's Suppliers Information Database linked below:

Buying Apple products for departments

All of these resellers are selling at prices similar to, or better than Apple. A three year warranty comes as standard on all iMacs, MacBooks and iPads. Warranties can also be upgraded if required. All resellers offer custom and bespoke Apple orders, but this may increase the lead time from the 3 working days that off-the-shelf products have.

All of these resellers are also available via myCatalogue for departmental purchases.

Staff & students buying Apple products for personal use

All of our resellers allow staff and students to buy Apple products at the same discounted rates as the University, with a three year warranty included.

Staff and students will be able to do this through a portal that will allow them to log into the supplier's websites with their University credentials. We will let staff and students know when this is available.

For now, staff and students can make private purchases by calling any of the four resellers:

Academia Ltd: 01992 703912 or 01992 703908

Insight Direct UK LTD: 0844 692 5221

Stone Computers: 01785 786889

XMA Ltd: 01727 201860 (website:

All resellers will accept orders that can be paid for using personal credit cards.

Buying in Apple stores

University staff and students cannot get a Higher Education discount at Apple stores. Personal purchases of Apple products are only eligible for a HE discount when bought from our suppliers.

If you purchase Apple products from an Apple store, regardless of whether it is for personal or work use, you will not be able to claim back the cost from the University as expenses.