How to Find a Student's Record

First go to the Student Details (Composite) screen:

  1. Log into the Corporate Information System
  2. Select Applications, then Student , then Student Records.
  3. From the Student Records menu, select Personal Info then Personal Information (Composite).
  4. The Student Details (Composite) screen appears.

Searching by Registration Number

If you know the Registration Number relating to the student whose record you wish to view, key it into the Registration No field and click on Search icon. The relevant Student Record will appear.

Searching by Student Name

If you wish to search for a record based on the student name, be aware that the data held in the Query Name field is stored as shown in the following example:


Suggested queries which may be entered in the Query Name field are set out below:

Query Entry Notes
Surname SMITH Not necessary to use wildcard after these
Surname/Initials SMITH MR or SMITH M Not necessary to use wildcard after these
Surname/First Forename SMITH % MARK Wildcard needed to replace any possible initials

Note that it is sensible to avoid entering your query into the following fields: Surname, First Forename, Other Names, Initials. These fields are case-sensitive and if data is entered in a non-compatible case/spacing format, a record will not be returned - the message Query caused no records to be retrieved. Re-enter will appear.

Having searched for a record on the basis of surname, should the query generate more than one record, click Next Student Record/Previous Student Record icon to view the others.

To cancel the query and start again, click on the Search icon.

Accessing Further Options

When you have found the required student record, various information fields will be displayed including Programme and Short Title; and Start Date/End Date for the student’s current registration period. There is also a picture of the student in the top right hand corner. To see a different registration period for the student, click on the Down to Registrations icon to move to the Registrations information block in the lower half of the screen and then click on the Past Programme Details/Future Programme Details icons to move between different registration periods. 

Down the left hand side of the screen are Tabs, which when clicked will display further information about the student, such as addresses, personal notes, unit choices/results etc. Go to the webpage Menu
to see a full list of what information each Tab displays. Click the link below for further details:

Tab Options