Corporate Information Systems

The Student and Staff Archive Enquiry System (CIES) provides information for staff on student registrations and admissions. It also provides archived staff data prior to 1 August 2007.

The Corporate Information System (CIS) provides access to central administrative functions, eg student admissions and registrations, research costings, etc. You need to be registered to use any part of these facilities.

Accessing CIS, CIES and uReports

All these service are available in MUSE.

Using CIS

These pages provides an explanation and a guide to using features within the Corporate Information System.


CiCS supports a number of Java Apps:

Business Applications

uBASE, myJob, myTeam, myPurchase and eRecruitment are the HR, Finance and Procurement systems. These pages provide information on how best to login to uBASE myJob, myTeam, myPurchase and eRecruitment.


These pages provide an explanation and documentation about uReports (formerly Sheffield Web Reports)