Using Clickers

Clickers are a group response system that can gather instant responses, feedback and choices from an audience of up to one thousand people. They create interactivity between a presenter and the audience. You use a computer and a projector to present a series of Powerpoint slides to your audience. Each slide is built within the audience response software, and displays a question with multiple choice answers.

Each member of the audience can either use their own mobile device or use a wireless keypad to indicate their answer. The software collects the results and displays them for all to see.

Data can be collected anonymously or, for exams, you can make each handset traceable to an individual. You can include questions about your audience's age and gender etc, and then later perform demographic analyses of their responses.

The data is stored in a database, so you can return at a later date to perform further analyses. You can even award points or weighting to different answers in order to measure the audienceĀ“s understanding of a subject.

The graphical results can be saved as a standalone presentation and can be published on your website.


There are a range of videos and user guides available from Turning Technologies website:

Turning Technologies also run regular webinars, of which anyone can sign up for:

A couple of things to remember:

  • The students don't always have to get the right answer to be learning - the discussion you use with the questions will be as important if not more important than the right answer
  • You have data that you can use after a lecture to find out more about your students - their abilities and their knowledge gaps. How will you use that data?