cPanel Rules and Responsibilities

All cPanel users must be aware of the University's policies regarding personal information.

In addition, you must adhere to the rules below or use a commercial website host.

Your responsibilities

You must:

  • provide IT Services with an email address
  • respond promptly to messages relating to this service or it may be assumed that you have left and your cPanel accounts will be suspended and ultimately deleted
  • contact IT Services about any activity likely to generate excessive loads or other problems beforehand
  • ensure that your site and any software you install is kept up-to-date
  • use the Content Management System (CMS) for 'Public-facing' University material unless not technically possible

You must not:

  • degrade the system for others
  • cause any security risks
  • publish material that would be inappropriate or bring the University into disrepute
  • publish material that includes sensitive personal information
  • use cPanel for large personal sites
  • use cPanel for commerial activities or for any kind of financial transaction

IT Services responsibilities

IT Services is responsible for service infrastructure, integrity and quality.

We can:

  • take the system or individual sites off-line if necessary
  • remove or block access to pages
  • restrict space or bandwidth for a site or user
  • delete or prevent use of some types of material
  • deny access to specific users

Note: When you leave the University, cPanel accounts will be suspended for a period to allow correspondence and then eventually be deleted.