Sending and Receiving Faxes

Sending a Fax

  1. Compose a new email message
  2. You now have two options: In the To: field enter /fax=FAX_NUMBER/ <>
    In the To: field enter <FAX_NUMBER>
    (Where FAX-NUMBER is the recipient's fax telephone number).
    For external numbers remember to include 9 in the number.
    /fax=901142221111/ <>
  3. For internal faxes just enter the 5 digit extension number followed by
  4. Attach the file that you wish to fax. Supported formats include: .pdf, .txt, Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and Word (.doc and .docx).
  5. Send the email.

You will receive an email confirming that the fax message was successfully sent after a few minutes. If the recipient machine was unavailable after a number of retries you will receive this notification via email also.

Receiving a Fax

Receiving a fax message is a simple process. Faxes are still sent to dedicated University telephone numbers, e.g. 0114 222 4042 or 24042 (internally).

However, instead of being delivered to a fax machine, messages are redirected to a nominated email address as a .pdf file. The email address will normally be a nominated team email address. For personal fax lines, a personal email address can be used.

The received email will be from “Rightfax Email Gateway” and will contain a pdf attachment with the fax message.

To find out your departmental fax number, or details of which email address faxes will be sent to, please contact your Telephone Liaison Officer, see