An Internet firewall restricts access between a protected network and the Internet to block unwanted or dangerous traffic and provides a single control point for access. The University maintains a campus firewall that protects the whole of the University's network. The University needs a firewall:

  • to safeguard its systems and prevent them being compromised,
  • to prevent use of insecure protocols, because the Internet is hostile. The firewall security policy is approved by University IT Committee.
  • Incoming connection attempts are blocked by default, except to services which we can offer safely.
  • Outgoing connections are permitted by default.

The intention is not to stop particular uses of the network. Our aim is to provide secure access between the University network and the Internet, without impacting day-to-day operation, as far as possible. The following are ‘inside’ the campus firewall:
  • Computer on the University campus
  • Buildings on the University network (including Halls, etc)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and dial-in (RATS) users

Device firewalls