Seven Points of Printing Good Practice

Consider alternatives to printing

  • use Google Drive to share and edit work with colleagues
  • display documents on screen in meetings
  • read and edit documents on screen

Preview file before printing

  • to ensure documents look as you expect when printing

Print to MSP or PCMS

  • no personal printers please

Print only the pages and documents you require

  • avoid using the 'print all' button

Print in black & white and double sided

  • use single sided and colour only when necessary
  • against 'quality' select 300 dpi (draft) for working copies

Take responsibility

  • replenish paper trays
  • sort out mis-feeds
  • report faults immediately to the IT Service Desk on 21111

Use Print & Design Solutions

  • for high volume and specialist print jobs
  • for a professional finish & binding