External Speakers

The University of Sheffield supports the open expression of views and the right to hold, challenge and rigorously debate a wide range of beliefs and positions. However, we also take our responsibility to our communities and audiences very seriously, and we prohibit any public expression of views on our premises that are in breach of the law or incite intimidation or violence. This must be taken into account when inviting an external speaker to the University.

External Speaker Information

The University has protocols and procedures to enable University business to be carried out in as straightforward a way as possible. All room bookings must be risk assessed but this can usually be carried out very quickly at a local level.

Some events are open to non-staff or non-students (and/or publicised externally) or the speaker is neither a current student nor member of staff of TUOS. (NB it is registration as a student not membership of Students’ Union that defines student status.) In these cases, our protocols and procedures require more engagement with the Room Bookings team. This is to ensure that any costs are identified, that appropriate consideration has been given to Freedom of Speech (1986 Education Act) and to statutory duties included in Prevent guidance and any other relevant legislation.

If you are booking an event that involves an External Speaker you must ensure that you have read the procedure and followed the guidance and assessed any risk and if necessary completed the External Speaker details form (you must allow at least 14 days before your event if you are completing this form).

Please use the link below to provide details of external speakers who may be considered a risk as defined in the guidance above (where this is not simply held by the Department).

Speaker details form

When booking any event you must have considered:

  • accessibility
  • room capacity
  • health and safety
  • security

If you have any queries please contact room bookings on x29060