NAG Numerical Libraries


The NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) Library contains hundreds of algorithms which are powerful, reliable, flexible and ready for use from a wide range of operating systems, languages, environments and packages.

Three main versions of the library are available:

  • NAG Fortran Library
  • NAG C Library
  • NAG Toolbox for MATLAB

These may be used from a variety of languages such as Python, Excel, Java and R.


  • All members of the University of Sheffield, for academic work
  • Not NHS, Honorary or retired staff

License mechanism

Members of the University can obtain annual licenses for most NAG products by emailing from a University email address. NAG licenses must be renewed annually, and are free under the University's site license.


There are many versions of the NAG library, according to operating system, compiler type, parallel or serial etc. Some of the most commonly used are available via our Software Download Service. The full range of versions can be downloaded from the NAG website.


NAG support for the University of Sheffield