There are a few different types of storage you can choose from depending on your requirements. We would always recommend discussion with your departmental IT team first, since this allows continuity and awareness of storage needs and requirements at a local level.

Different types of storage

Personal Storage

Home directory

U: drive

Microsoft Server (Cluster)


Microsoft Previous versions

Ideal for personal data or work.

  • Coursework materials
  • CV
  • SRDS
  • Other personal information pertaining to the account owner

Data belonging to the department rather than an individual is better kept in a departmental shared area where colleagues can access it to cover staff absences such as sickness or annual leave.

Information about Personal Storage

Dept. Storage

Departmental Shared area

X: drive

Local Storage system

typically <1TB

Microsoft Previous versions

Departmental data - administration of the department such as

  • Student administration
  • Module information
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Health and Safety
  • Procedures
  • Finance

Information about Departmental Storage

Research Storage

Research Shared area

X: drive

Local Storage system

up to 10TB

Microsoft Previous versions

  • Research related materials
  • Experiment procedures
  • Data results

This allows all data relating to one particular piece of research to be kept together, rather than spread across multiple accounts.

Information about Research Storage

Google Drive

Google Drive / Team Drive

Web Browser / Stream Client

Off campus cloud service


Google document previous versions / Google bin

  • Meeting agenda
  • Meeting minutes

Google are constantly updating their products and there are frequent enhancements.  Team drives allows simple sharing of documents in a more structured way, and Google Drive Stream will be coming soon to allow access other than via a web browser.

Information about Google Storage