Staff timetables

Personal timetable

Viewing your timetable

To view your personal timetable online simply log in to MUSE and in All Services find the link Room bookings - select the link Room bookings - Current academic year.  Here you can view your timetable for the current academic year and make ad-hoc room bookings.

This will open your timetable and ad hoc bookings for the current week - you will see any event to which you have been linked either via your teaching or as a Contact (where you have booked a meeting etc).


You can navigate your timetable to the next or previous week by using the arrows at the top left of the window.


Clicking on the centre icon will open a calendar and allow you to navigate to a specific date in the academic year.

Timetables can be displayed by Day, Week or Month by selecting the Timetables menu item at the top of the window.


Timetable cells

Individual timetable events or bookings are shown as cells.  Each cell shows you:

  • Name of module/unit in the header
  • Code for module/unit
  • Building/room in which the class is located
  • Name of lecturer
  • Type of activity e.g. Lecture
  • Weeks scheduled e.g. Semester 1

Cell descriptor

Event Details

By clicking on an individual cell on your timetable a box will open showing further details of the event.


This box shows:

  • Module Name and Code
  • Date and time of event
  • Encore - will show Delay or Do not record (if used)
  • Building and room allocated
  • Recurrence e.g. weekly 
  • Lecturer
  • Event Id number
  • Sub-group(s) attending (if used)
  • Class group name e.g. Experiment title (if used)
  • Activity type e.g. Lecture
  • Weeks scheduled

Viewing attendee details

In the event details pop-up window there is an option to View attendee details.  This will produce a class list for that particular event - please use the link on the right to see further details.

Other timetables

Viewing other timetables

You are also able to view other timetables online. Timetables that you can view are:

  • Programme/Course
  • Class group (sub-set of Programme)
  • Unit/Module
  • Lecture
  • Student
  • Room

At the top right hand side of the timetable window you will see the buttons below


Click on the button to the left (Toggle timetable list) and you will see your timetable window change as below.


A panel is added to the right of your timetable.  Here you can add other timetables to your view, and turn these on/off as you need to.

Viewing another timetable

Click the Add button at the bottom of the pane to open the Add timetable filter.

Select TT

Select the tab along the top to select different types of timetable e.g. Room.  In the search box type the first few letters of the item you wish to add and then select from the list which is shown.  Here Arts Tower LT01 has been selected.

Click OK


The timetable is now added to your list.

If you click the Save button at the bottom of the pane then this timetable will be saved for the next time you login.

The new timetable item will be given it's own colour to distinguish it from other timetable resources.


You can turn this timetable on/off by clicking on the tick box to the left of the item.

You can remove a timetable from your list by clicking the bin icon to the right of the item.

Timetables in calendars

Viewing timetables in Google calendar

The online timetable software also generates link to allow you to incorporate your timetable into your personal calendar.

This might be your University of Sheffield Google calendar or other electronic calendar which uses ical.

Follow this link see how to insert your timetable into your Google calendar.  

You should refer to your instructions for other calendars or different mobile devices if you wish to import your timetable to other calendars.