Campus Zones

In order to help locate departments as close to their home base as possible, and to try and limit the amount of cross-campus travel for students during the day, the campus is divided into a number of zones.  Each zone includes one or more building.

Campus zones

Arts Tower


  • Alfred Denny Building
  • Arts Tower
  • Bartolome House
  • Dainton Building
  • Firth Court
  • Geography Builidng
  • Richard Roberts Building

Cathedral Court


  • Cathedral Court



  • Elmfield Building
  • Management School
  • Modular Teaching Village (Northumberland Road)

Hicks Zone


  • 301 Glossop Road
  • Hicks Building
  • Information Commons
  • Students' Union

Jessop Zone


  • The Diamond
  • Edgar Allen House
  • Jessop Building
  • Jessop West

Medical School


  • Barber House & Annexe
  • Dental School
  • Medical School

North Campus


  • North Campus (Modular Village PC room)

Northern General


  • Samuel Fox House

Solly St


  • 3 Solly Street

St George's


  • 9 Mappin St
  • 38 Mappin St
  • Hadfield Building
  • Mappin (Broad Lane)
  • Mappin (Mining)
  • Portobello Centre
  • Pam Liversidge Building
  • Regents Court
  • Stephenson Building
  • St George's Church