Accounts and access on YoYo Desktop

When it comes to accounts and access for YoYo Desktop, you should use your normal University account for everyday work. This will give access to all of your normal resources and settings for your documents, software and printing. When it comes to installing extra software or hardware, however, this should be done using a specific Administrator level account that is only used for this purpose. The reason for this is that using your normal account for everyday work will keep you safe from viruses, malware and anything else that may want to harm your computer, while the Administrator level account will give you access to install any extras you need.

There are three common scenarios for providing access to install software on YoYo.

1. By a departmental IT technician

In departments where there is at least one person providing IT support we would recommend the use of a generic account (eg cs6IT) shared by all the IT support staff in that department. This account should be used for admin access and then any member of staff using the machine can use their normal account for day to day usage.

2. By the person using the computer

Where an individual member of staff requires admin access to do their own software installation we will create an account linked to their normal account (eg cs99xyz which would be linked to cs1xyz) , and this new account should be used for admin access while the normal account is used for day to day usage.

These accounts should be requested by a departmental I.T. technician contacting the IT Service Desk. 

3. By both a technician and the person using the computer

A combination of the first two scenarios is also possible when a departmental IT technician and an individual member of staff may both require admin access on a particular machine.

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