Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is Learning on Screen's on demand TV and radio service for education. The academically-focused system allows staff and students at subscribing institutions to record programmes from over 75 free-to-air channels, and search the archive of over 2.2 million broadcasts.

To share a programme or clip, click the 'Share' button under the player window, and copy and paste the relevant link. The 'WAYFless Link' will log in University of Sheffield users automatically via MUSE - use this to share content with our staff and students. The other two types of link will require users to log in on BoB before they can view the content.


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the BoB website - you'll be prompted to log in to MUSE as necessary.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions you cannot access BoB if you are outside the UK. Academic and support staff can enable access to some BoB content for students studying from the EU as part of a pilot scheme taking place between June and December 2021. Please see Streaming Films for details of this scheme.


If you experience any difficulties in using this eresource please contact Library Help.