Past Masters

InteLex Corporation's Past Masters series offers full text electronic editions in philosophy. The University of Sheffield has access to the following titles:

  • Aristotle: Complete Works
  • Bayle: Dictionary
  • British Philosophy: 1600-1900
  • Chekhov: Complete Works - Чехов: Работы
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Continental Rationalists
  • Dewey: Collected Works (1st Release)
  • Hegel: OUP Translations
  • Hegel: Werke II
  • James, William: Correspondence
  • James, William: Works
  • Kant: Hauptwerke
  • Kierkegaard: Journals and Papers
  • Kropotkin: Collected Works
  • Lombardus: Sententiarum libri IV
  • Luther: Sermons
  • Luther: Works
  • Lytton: Correspondence
  • Machiavelli: Works
  • Montaigne: Complete Works
  • Montesquieu: Complete Works
  • Moore, G.E.: Works
  • Nietzsches Werke
  • Peirce: Collected Papers
  • Peirce: Writings
  • Plotinus: Enneads
  • Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill
  • Presocratic Writings
  • Schelling: Sämmtliche Werke
  • Suárez: Opera Omnia
  • Vico: Opere
  • Wittgenstein: Collected Works
  • Wright: Works and Correspondence


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the Past Masters website. You'll be prompted to log in to MUSE as necessary. You can also search for the individual titles on StarPlus.


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