Depositing research outputs in WRRO

To make your paper available in White Rose Research Online (WRRO), you need to deposit the version allowed by the publisher (usually the author accepted manuscript) in myPublications. Library staff will then check the details and make these available online in WRRO. The deposited version of the paper will only be made available in WRRO if permitted by the publisher, and after any embargo period has expired. If there are any issues with the deposited version, Library staff will contact you.

Although it is each author's responsibility to ensure outputs are deposited, this can be done on your behalf by a ‘delegate’ eg a member of your Research Support team. To add a delegate in myPublications, go to the Menu tab, then ‘Manage Delegates’ in the ‘My Account’ section.

To deposit your paper, log in to MUSE and select ‘myPublications’ from the services list:

  • Choose '+add' from the 'publications' box on your home page.
  • Check whether the output already exists in myPublications. (If it does, you don’t need to create another record - you can ‘claim’ it as an author/co-author.)
  • Enter as much information as possible, including an online link to the published item, if available.
  • On the ‘deposit’ page, upload the permitted version of the paper - the author accepted manuscript if possible - and select the appropriate ‘file version’ from the drop-down menu. Details of publisher policies may be found on this page, or in the SHERPA/RoMEO database.
  • You can enter an ‘OA location’ if the paper is already available through gold open access.
  • Tick the ‘agreement’ box and click on ‘Deposit my publication’.

More guidance about depositing items can be found on the myPublications help pages.

For further information, contact