Our Map Collection

The map collection is located on Level 4 of the Western Bank Library.

This is a reference collection but photocopying facilities are available (subject to copyright).

Accessing the map collection

Library staff can make maps available from 10.30am Monday - Friday.  Please complete a map request form, allowing 24 hours notice for the maps to be retrieved by completing the Online map request form.

Please telephone (0114) 222-5097 or email library@sheffield.ac.uk if you would like more information.

Our collection consists of:

1:500 (approximately 10 foot to 1 mile)

Sheffield only
These maps were published in the 1880s and 1890s and are extremely detailed, but only covers what is today central Sheffield not the suburbs.

1:1056 (5 feet to one mile)

Sheffield only
These maps were published in 1853 in 36 sheets. They are very detailed, but only cover what is today central Sheffield; not the suburbs.


Sheffield only

1:2500 County Series (1 cm to 25 metres or 25" to 1 mile)

Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Published between 1892 and 1935.

1:10,000 (1 cm to 100 metres or 6" to 1 mile)

Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Various dates from 1970 onwards

1:10,560 County series (6 inch)


There are different editions as follows:

1st edition - 1850’s full sheets

2nd edition 1890’s quarter sheets – some are photocopies

3rd edition 1903-8 and 1909-19 quarter sheets

4th edition 1920-1932 quarter sheets and full sheets

5th edition 1934-1937 quarter sheets

Provisional edition 1938-1950’s – quarter sheets (very little available for the 1940’s due to the war).

1:25,000 Explorer and Outdoor Leisure

England, Wales, parts of Scotland

1:50,000 Landranger


1st and 2nd series

OS One inch series (1:63,360 or 1" to 1 mile)



Facsimiles and engravings

Parts of Sheffield, Yorkshire & Derbyshire
There are a number of Sheffield facsimiles dated 1771, 1795 and 1832. We also have copies of some original engravings of early maps dating from the 17th century of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

GOAD maps These are detailed maps of the various shops and other buildings in city centres. Sheffield and Meadowhall maps have been updated at various intervals.
(Incomplete collection. Latest is 2008)

Thematic maps

One inch soils & land use capability

There are only a few sheets available (e.g. Sheffield is not included)

Geology maps

British Geological Survey: England and Wales 1:50,000; Scotland 1:50,000 and 1:63,000. 
Also, 6 inch Ordnance survey maps surveyed 1872-1873 for Yorkshire and Derbyshire (incomplete)

Further Information

Sheffield City Library has a good collection of local maps in the Local Studies section.

For registered staff and students, the library has access to Digimap.

For copyright information, please see Copyright licences held by The University of Sheffield

For referencing information, please see our Information Skills Resource