The University visual identity

We all benefit from having a University with a strong reputation. A strong visual identity is a key way in which all our marketing and communications can support and strengthen that reputation.

Graphic - Visual ID Guidelines

Download a copy of the guidelines for designers 

(PDF, 4.97MB)

Graphic - Visual ID logo

Our logo

The University logo is available in a range of formats: full-colour, black and white, reversed-out and one-colour. 

For the vast majority of applications, the primary logo should always be used but we do have some other versions for special circumstances.

Graphic - Visual ID fonts

Our fonts (access restricted to University users only)

Stephenson and Blake in their modernised, digitised form, are the copyright property of the University of Sheffield – our unique signature, our hallmark, our stamp.

Here you can find out more about our fonts and download a copy to your computer.

Graphic - visual identity when

When to use the visual identity

Find out when and how the visual identity should be used and by who.

Graphic - Visual Identity templates


To help you we have compiled a set of downloadable Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates using the visual ID.