Graduate Research Committee

Issues relating to the development, monitoring and assessment of postgraduate research students are dealt with by the School Graduate Research Committee and the Faculty Graduate School Committee. The PGR students are represented on each of these committees. In addition, the PGR Student Committee and the Staff Student Liaison Committee provide a forum for students to discuss issues relating to the PGR experience.

Issues raised via your Department Representatives will be raised at the Student Committee, following this the Student Committee will raise any issues at the Staff Student Liaison Committee. On this Committee there are both staff and student representatives. The Staff representatives will then raise issues at the School's Graduate Research Committee. The purpose of the Staff Student Liaison Committee is to provide an opportunity for students to raise issues they may have and improve the student experience in the Medical School.

Dr Alison Gartland Chair of the SGRC
Miss Jodie Burnham Medical School PGR Administrator
Dr Vikki Ridger IICD PGR Lead 2 & Postgraduate Tutor - Year 1
Dr Julie Simpson Postgraduate Deputy Tutor - Year 1
Chryso Kanthou Postgraduate Tutor - Year 2
Dr Aymen Idris Postgraduate Deputy Tutor - Year 2
Dr Jon Wood Postgraduate Tutor - Year 3
Dr Lynne Prince Deputy Chair of the SGRC, IICD PGR Deputy Lead 1
& Postgraduate Deputy Tutor - Year 3
Dr Mark Fenwick Oncology & Metabolism PGR Lead 1
Dr Munitta Muthana Oncology & Metabolism PGR Lead 2
Dr Mark Thomas IICD PGR Lead 1
Dr Andrew Narracott IICD PGR Deputy Lead 2
Dr Andy Grierson Neuroscience PGR Lead
Dr Jon Dickson Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care PGR Lead
Dr Denise Bee Medical Education PGR Lead
Dr Lynda Wyld Lead MD Advisor
Dr Helen Marriott Unfair Means Officer
Dr Cyril Sanders Student Attendance and Progress Monitor
Dr Lucy Lee Researcher Development Manager
Ms Paula Blackwell PGR Admissions Administrator
Mrs Carol Fidler PGR Programme Administrator