Medical School PGR Student Holiday Request System


Full-time PGR students are entitled to take up to 30 days as holiday in each academic year, excluding bank holidays and closure days. The academic year commences on 1st October, and students will be notified of the dates of the closure days each year. It is recommended that students take no more than 4 weeks holiday at any one time. Students are expected to provide their supervisors with reasonable advance notice of the dates when they plan to take holiday, which is subject to their supervisors’ approval.

Students commencing registration at times other than the beginning of the academic year are entitled to holidays on a pro rata basis until the commencement of the next academic year.

We have developed a new online holiday booking system, which we are launching for new 1st Year PGR Students. This can be accessed via the following link Instructions on how to use this system for both students and supervisors are available to download.

Continuing students are welcome to use this system, but also can continue to use the old paper forms system.

For further information on the new system, please contact