School Management Committee

Membership and terms of reference


Heads of Departments of:

  • Cardiovascular Science
  • Human Metabolism
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology
  • Dean of Medical Education
  • Faculty Director of Operations

In attendance:

  • HR Advisor to the above Departments
  • Committee Secretary
  • Faculty Finance Manager (as required)
  • In addition, the FPVC has agreed to attend at approximately 3-monthly intervals

Terms of Reference:

Chair: The School Management Committee (SMC) is chaired on a rotational basis by one of the six Department School Heads.

  • SMC is the executive body for issues involving all or the majority of the five Departments, including the delivery of the MBChB curriculum and PGT.
  • SMC is responsible for implementing Faculty and University policies that are cross-Departmental and for managing the devolved budget.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. To agree allocation of resources to Departments from the School budget.
  2. To ensure the delivery of the undergraduate MBChB course in collaboration with the School Teaching Board.
  3. To receive reports from the cross-Departmental School Committees and Working Groups, including but not limited to the PGT and PGR Committees, the Space Committee, the Core Facilities Committee, the Clinical Academic Working Group.
  4. To discuss staffing appointments within the School prior to submission to FEB and where appropriate agree ongoing funding
  5. To consider staff cases for awards/prizes/competitive processes where eligibility is School wide.
  6. To ensure the implementation of staff development policies where these can be best delivered at a School rather than Departmental level, including review of cases for promotion.
  7. To receive reports from the Facilities Manager and Secretarial Resources Manager on support staff matters and to consider, with the Faculty Director of Operations, the optimal configuration of support staff and facilities across the five Departments and the AUME

Frequency of Meetings:

Approximately 12 meetings of SMC will be held each year. Please contact Linda Hudson ( for further details.